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Commerce shop. In the past 3 years we have managed to connect with our customers and thanks to our customers we have grown exponentially. We started as an online shop, now you can find our products in a physical shop: “Something different 4U” and this is just the first of many shops we are planning to collaborate with in the near Future. In the last 3 years we have not only focused on fashion for ladies, but also on the comfort and sustainability of our products. We believe that fashion is not incompatible with comfort and feeling good. That’s why we are the only distributor in the Netherlands of a Spanish brand of fashionable leather shoes with gel insole, with a perfect finish. We are also very proud to work with small entrepreneurs in Spain.

Since 2018

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bol.com , zalando & something different 4U


We ship to any country in the EU.
…In our team we improve every day to provide you with the best customer service…
Once I graduated in Trade & marketing Management I started going to job interviews, as I am a fan of the casual but very chic style, when it comes to dressing; office shoes were not very present in my wardrobe, I could say I didn’t have them. And as “the first impression is what counts”. I set out to look for office shoes here in Rotterdam, although I looked a lot they were all very uncomfortable to walk in, or the design was not so nice and those that were good, the prices were exaggeratedly expensive. I ended up buying the ones from a designer . AND I ASKED MYSELF, IS IT BECAUSE MEN DESIGN WOMEN SHOES, THAT THEY ARE SO UNCOMFORTABLE?🤣🤣 And that’s when I got the idea to look for women’s shoes from the point of view of a woman here in Holland. My focus was first on the Latin market, but now I sell to everyone with different tastes, understanding that there are many women in the world who identify with more cheerful colors and more comfortable shoes when it comes to dressing. And I’m super excited to be able to connect with those amazing women, who don’t want to be grey either. They want to shine and express themselves through their outfits.

Our Mission

What we want is to promote fashion by women for women, We are women of the new century, of the new movement and we want to set our own trend, not to follow anyone else’s.


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